Analysing Cape Town Restaurants using Zomato Data

Zomato is a mobile and web app used by foodies to find good restaurants in an ever-growing number of cities around the world. Users of the app can find a restaurant via search and filtering tools and submit ratings, reviews and pictures of their experience at the establishment. The community of users form a social network and one can follow other foodies and comment on their posts and reviews. Read On →

Optimising a Tax-Free Investment Strategy using Data Science

In a few months time, I’m going to become a dad for the first time and with that, all the usual concerns about long-term financial security have come to the forefront of my mind. For some time, I’ve heard about the option of tax-free investments but thus far have been slow to look into them and the savings potential they offer my family. This project aims to use the power of data science to: generate millions of combinations of investments that abide by the tax-free savings rules and then: analyse those investments to understand how one can optimise them for specific savings goals, such as a child’s future education or wedding, retirement plan or just saving for a rainy day. Read On →