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Welcome to my little home on the Interwebs!

My name is Doron Dusheiko and I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my wife, our cat and very soon, our baby boy.

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After graduating with a degree in Electrical Engineering from the UJ in 2006, I spent most of the last 12 years working in the world of software development, wearing many different hats. For the first few years of my career, I was a .NET developer working at a major South African dev house in Johannesburg where I built software primarily for enterprises in the finance, insurance, military and mining sectors, as well as a few startups and mom-and-pop businesses. As my career grew, I moved from being a developer to a Team Lead and eventually the General Manager of the bespoke software division of that business where I was responsible for a team of 40 developers, team and tech leads and testers. By early 2012 I had pretty much stopped writing any code.

In mid-2012, I decided to move to Cape Town and in doing so, made a change from the big enterprise software world to the smaller, more nimble, digital agency world. During the period since, my focus has been on project management and business analysis. Working for digital agencies has given me a wider appreciation for mobile, branding, content marketing and UX and most of the projects I’ve been involved in since have used tech as an enabler to the broader marketing strategy, rather than it being an end unto itself.

Another big part of my life is healthy living and around 2012 I discovered the low-carb, high-fat lifestlye which has been an absolute revolution in my life, so much so that I decided to write a book all about the science behind it and how to implement it properly. If this interests you at all, feel free to download the book here (it’s free). At the time of writing, I was a proponent of the Paleo diet, which is slightly higher in carb and slightly lower in fat than the ketogenic diet which I live by now, however the book still provides good guidence on all the science, all the history and politics of why we’ve been receiving the incorrect nutrition messaging (such as saturated fat being bad) and how to to implement low-carb into your life.

In 2015, along with two friends, I created a Software-as-a-Service product called Dream Day Studio. It was an online service that professional wedding planners could use to manage all their clients, weddings, budget’s, to-do’s, documents etc. A project management tool specific for wedding planners one might say. While we made plenty of mistakes in creating that business, it was a very useful learning experience.

In 2016 I got married and we could use our own software to plan the wedding, which was pretty cool!

Current Ambitions

It would be fair to say that for some time, I’ve yearned to get back to my technical and mathematical roots, so after a stint of teaching English to small kids on a tiny island in South Korea, I returned to South Africa refreshed and wanting to figure out the next step. For most of 2018 I’ve committed myself to picking up the essential skills of data science and machine learning (using Python), as I feel this exciting new world holds the promise of work that is more aligned with my values, interests and strengths.

This website then, is a place to house my portfolio as it develops, my thoughts on data science, machine learning and related bits and also, some random content from my other interests, now and then.

My school threw me a welcome party! Such lovely, welcoming people!

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When I have time, I produce a genre of electronic music known as psychedelic trance and the music page has links to some of my releases. I love to cook (low-carb food of course), read (mostly non-fiction) and I’m more than fond of a hearty red wine. I love Rugby (watching, not playing) and I don’t watch much TV (except cooking shows, love those). Recently, I’ve developed an interest in unedited, long-form video content such as the Joe Rogan Experience on YouTube.

My wife and I hope to one day plan a US road trip where our path is led by the restaurants on the show, Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. A major bucket list item is to watch the Springboks play Wales at the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff and hear those Welsh fans sing their beautiful anthem.

I love learning and even learning how to learn. If I had all the time in the world, I’d go through every single course on MIT’s OpenCourseWare.

Onion and mint beef skewers with a lime and coriander yoghurt dip served with a chevin, rocket & cumin-roasted butternut salad. #datenight

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We love camping but sadly haven’t done it much in the last few years.

Decent view to wake up to

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This Site

This site is built using the fantastic static site generator, Hugo (which is written in Go) and hosted on AWS. WordPress is so 2016!